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micah nelson

Composer/multi-media artist Micah Nelson has a remarkable output that spans the creative spectrum unlike few others. The Los-Angeles based visionary, who produces art under the moniker Particle Kid, finds no boundaries in his creativity.

His path started with creating animations and videos at 11 years old. Teaching himself iMovie, Particle Kid picked up a hi-8 camcorder and made home-movies starring his family, friends, dog, action figures, and whatever else was around. He was also inspired by animators including Ray Harryhausen, Tim Burton, Jan Svankmajer, and Bruce Bickford, and began making flip-books out of stacks of post-it notes he found at home and school. “The limitations were great for creativity and accidentally making something unique and cool. I also realized the power of music in combination with images and how profoundly different music could transform an otherwise cheap looking homemade film into something with a real captivating emotional weight to it. I fell in love with the alchemy of sound and vision.”