from blank wall to masterpiece: how to create a gallery wall in your home

Gallery walls are a fun and stylish way to spice up your home and infuse your personality into your decor. The addition of original artwork, fine art prints, and limited edition photo editions  help to create a comforting, inviting space that reflects your taste and creativity. Creating one can be a little daunting at first since curating pieces can take time but here at Moonlight Arts Collective, we’ve got the gallery wall formula down pat, plus a myriad of artwork from talented artists you can choose from. 

Step 1: Start by selecting the wall. It could be a blank wall in your living room, a hallway, a staircase, or even a bedroom. Choose a space that needs a focal point to tie the rest of the room together. Don’t forget to note the measurement needed to fill the space! This will help you determine how many pieces you can fit and what sizes will work best.

Step 2: Curate a cohesive color palette to help your pieces feel in tune with one another. 

Step 3: Choose 2-3 large pieces to center your gallery wall around. Make sure to space them out from one another when hanging them up to avoid a cluttered look and feel.  

Step 4: Choose the rest of your pieces and mix up frame designs, textures colors, sizes, as well as horizontals and verticals, to add even more eye-catching interest to the wall. 

Step 5: Add something personal. Anything can be art- family photos, polaroids, drawings, flags, vinyl covers, calendars, -even wall art made of Legos add dimension and texture.   

Step 6: Protip: Lay out all your chosen pieces on the floor before hanging it up. That way, you can experiment with placement with no fear of wall damage.

Once you’ve created a draft you like, start hanging up your pieces and bask in the beauty of your very own gallery wall. 

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