There’s a timeless groove to the R&B that Yuna makes. She perfectly crafts soulful pop that contains the sultriness of Sade, the flair of Aaliyah, and the sweetness of Brandy. There are clear forebears upon her art, but her story is so singular that it’s hard to draw a line in the sand when it comes to Yuna’s lineage in the urban pop spectrum.

Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, she was exposed to a wide variety of homegrown and western music, thanks in large part to her father’s wide-ranging tastes in American rock, pop, blues and jazz. She began writing her own confessional songs, most of them in English, at the age of 14. She was still in her teens when she began performing her compositions in public, initially accompanying herself on acoustic guitar and later
forming a full band. Since her self-titled 2012 debut album and her Pharrell Williams-produced breakthrough hit “Live Your Life,” Yuna has released three studio albums and two EPs, and collaborated with artists like Usher, G-Eazy, Tyler, the Creator, Sweat$ and Lil Simz.

By staying true to her identity as a Muslim South East Asian woman, Yuna has developed a sense of authenticity in her music and become a voice for a vast global fanbase. Her career is a result of hard work and confidence, and she’s survived the ups and down of the music industry and come out the other side as a skilled independent artist who wants to do things her own way. Her impressive, inspiring journey from aspiring musician to established artist and producer who owns her own music is evident on Y5, her fifth and most current studio album hat opens a new chapter in Yuna’s career.

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