art of music collection: new releases from returning moonlighters & introducing new artists

At Moonlight we’re all about collaboration, and supporting a continually evolving community of like-minded artists who create artwork in all its forms. Our Art of Music collection is a special exhibition that shines a light on moonlighters who find inspiration through music—whether it be sonically, visually, or otherwise. 

Last year we proudly showcased original work and limited edition print releases from Brandon Boyd, Micah Nelson, Jose Pasillas, Brantley Gutierrez, Niagara, and Mark Mothersbaugh to name a few. These musicians and multidisciplinary artists explored themes around their own personal experience with collecting, legacy, rarity, and fandom, as it relates to music within the cross section between performance and art-making.

sing me a lullaby - 12 x 12 inch - limited edition prints by brandon boyd

bleed - original artwork by micah nelson

elated - 24 x 24 inch edition - limited edition prints by jose pasillas

With this collection, Moonlight showcases the often unseen sides of these cultural creators as they explore their visual artwork. In addition to work created by musicians we also welcomed musically themed artwork, reimagined album artwork, and iconic rock photography. 

florence - 17 x 24 inch - limited edition prints by brantley gutierrez

tomorrow's another night - blue - artist proof  by shepard fairey x niagara


This year we're just as excited to continue this tradition and showcase new work by artists we've featured in the past as well as originals and limited edition prints from our newest moonlighters. Our 2024 Art of Music collection will feature work from Brandon Boyd in addition to returning Moonlighters Jose Pasillas, Micah Nelson, and Yuna along with releases from new artists Serj Tankian, Bill Barminski, Roger Steffens and The Family Acid, Sam Farrar, and Mathieu Bitton among others. 

As we move forward in the month of April we'll drop new releases from artists each week... and insiders get the scoop before anyone else. That means early access to all new originals and limited edition prints along with insider only discounts, points on purchases, and dollars off for customer referrals. We'll start previewing upcoming releases the closer we get, but for now feast your eyes on recent releases from these incredible artists. 


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