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As Father's Day approaches the staff here at Moonlight take a look at some of our favorite editions by Fathers, for Fathers. Read on to check out Moonlight's Father's Day Gift Guide...

Roger Steffens, a multifaceted photographer encompassing roles as a reggae archivist, author, actor, DJ, lecturer, and father, embarked on a unique journey about a decade ago. His son, Devon, undertook the task of digitizing his collection of slides and negatives, while his daughter, Kate, curated and shared them on Instagram under the captivating alias, The Family Acid. This digital platform served as a catalyst, culminating in the publication of three books and a zine, showcasing Roger's photography intertwined with poignant reminiscences.

Fast forward to 2024, and Roger's portfolio boasts an impressive array of approximately 40,000 Kodachrome slides, complemented by hundreds of thousands of black and white as well as color negatives, alongside an extensive digital archive. 

You can find Roger’s family-curated collection, The Family Acid, exclusively at Moonlight Arts Collective. Join Roger’s waitlist to get early access to his next release.

tinga stewart and big youth in downtown kingston - june 21st, 1976 - 6 x 6 inch limited edition prints

Sam Farrar, known for his roles as the bassist for Phantom Planet and as a multi-instrumentalist for Maroon 5, has been immersed in the worlds of art and music since childhood.

Reflecting on his artistic influences, Sam draws inspiration from cherished figures from his childhood, citing Dr. Seuss as a profound early influence. He reminisces, "My earliest influence as an artist... Dr. Seuss probably. Funny right? M.C. Escher was my hero for a long time but Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss are probably the earliest I can remember thinking ‘I really like this weird, playful style’.” Exploring the surrealistic realms of M.C. Escher, Farrar found himself captivated by angular, black-and-white aesthetics that would later inform his artistic journey.

Balancing his roles as a multidisciplinary artist, husband, and father of two, along with a busy schedule, Sam rarely finds himself at a standstill. Engaging in art offers Sam a different avenue of expression, a chance to indulge in a personal endeavor separate from his musical pursuits.

Currently, Sam Farrar and his Maroon 5 bandmates are gearing up for a residency in Las Vegas. The 16-show schedule runs from May 17, 2024, through October 12, 2024.

Sam’s fascinating collection of illustration overlay maps, funky characters, and love letters are available as limited edition prints and original artworks, only at Moonlight Arts Collective.

Sam has also will have a fun collaboration coming soon. Join his waitlist to be the first to know.


Tyson Ritter, an American singer, songwriter, actor, and painter, is renowned as the lead vocalist of the multi-platinum-selling alternative rock band, The All-American Rejects. Painting became a significant outlet for Tyson following the birth of his son.

“There was a beautiful rapture waiting for me when he came into the world, and all I could do was paint. Every day since I’ve been on my back porch at my easel,” he shares. For Tyson, painting is a visceral response. “When I land on an image that strikes me, I am overwhelmed with thoughts and color and I have to purge that onto canvas for fear that I may not feel this way again,” he explains.

Tyson Ritter and The All-American Rejects embarked on their headlining tour in 2023, their first in a decade, and frontman Tyson is enthusiastic about the journey. He has one person in mind – his toddler, whom he and his wife brought on tour.

Tyson told PEOPLE, “This is a giant big top circus,” he remarks. “And to be the ringmaster of it myself is a very, very daunting experience so that my son's gonna be along for the ride this time, honestly, I think I'm just really so excited to show him that his Dad's kind of P.T. Barnum.”

Tyson’s new release, sunflower student, can be found exclusively at Moonlight Arts Collective. To be in the know about his upcoming releases, sign up for his waitlist.

sunflower student - 6 x 7 inch edition

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