inside moonlight arts collective's 2022 winter capsule at aspen's snow lodge

Curated by Moonlight Arts Collective and The Snow Lodge with support from Eva Longoria’s Casa Del Sol, The Snow Lodge's 2022 arts programming will feature a rotating Artist-in-Residence Program including new original artwork from Incubus' Brandon Boyd, Philippine multi-hyphenate Heart Evangelista, prolific photographer Brian Bowen Smith and more.


The one-of-a-kind showcase of photography, paintings, sculpture and installations will rotate throughout the winter, spotlighting a variety of artists and mediums, and also shine a spotlight on female led business owners DiSisto and Cardoso’s dedication to the arts. 

For the inaugural launch, the display will prominently feature Boyd’s multiple collaborative pieces with documentary photographer Brian Bowen Smith. Having been friends for over twenty years, this marks the beginning of the duo’s first collaborative explorations together. 

“What I’ve been witnessing amongst our ongoing collaboration is a mutual fascination with one another’s process,” says Boyd. “Between Brian’s iconic black and white photography and our subject Sarah Hay’s inimitable grace and truly astonishing spatial intelligence, they have provided me with such an incredible canvas to paint and imagine upon.”

“This collaboration is such a collective bundle of love with Brandon,” adds Bowen-Smith. “I love big pieces and therefore this specific project is amazing in the way that I feel it’s larger than life. I think it’s the best work we’ve ever done together by far. Casa Del Sol is such a great fit to support this project; the essence and soul of the brand  infuses art, tequila, femininity and power. That’s exactly what these photographs represent to me.”

The expansive collection features seven collaborative pieces from Boyd and Bowen-Smith, with three larger pieces created specifically to outfit The Snow Lodge. Additionally, the premiere season showcases Boyd’s joint works with multi-hyphenate Heart Evangelista. Also featured are sculpture and installations by multimedia artists Tonia Calderon and Zoe Buckman, along with paintings by Donna Isham, American photorealist Richard Phillips and photography by Brandon Rolf. The diverse presentation will also feature unique light sculptures by neon artist Lisa Schulte and performative light installations by Anthony James.

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