booboo stewart

“I find that there’s so much clutter in my mind, too many thoughts that I latch onto, so many overwhelming feelings that I’m trying to balance out but when I’m drawing or making art in general it's like I’m taking all that clutter out of my head, turning it into something positive, giving my mind some rest. I’m very thankful to be able to express myself in that way.” - Booboo Stewart

Booboo Stewart is an actor, artist, and musician. He’s best known for his appearances in “The Twilight Saga”, “X-Men Days of Future Past” and "Descendants”.  Growing up with an actor/stuntman father and an artist mother, Booboo was constantly surrounded by creative energy. Slipping into art was almost a must. Now for Booboo drawing has become more than another creative exploration, it’s become his release.