tyson ritter

Artist Tyson Jay Ritter is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and painter. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the multi-platinum selling alternative rock band The All-American Rejects. Painting has been something Ritter has found after the birth of his son.

“There was a beautiful rapture waiting for me when he came into the world, and all I could do was paint. Every day since I’ve been on my back porch at my easel.” For Ritter, painting is reactionary;  “When I land on an image that strikes me, I am overwhelmed with thoughts and color and I have to purge that onto canvas for fear that I may not feel this way again.”

His first print series, “Crustacean Impressions”, centers around Ritter’s fondness for the veneer of old Hollywood portraits. “I’m fascinated by  these frozen moments, enigmatic as they are, I reduce them to the color of the feeling that their moment conveys to me. No longer human, not amoeba, but crustacean.”