aric improta

Aric Improta is a Grammy nominated drummer who plays for the bands Fever 333 and Night Verses. He’s a Los Angeles native primed to be at the forefront of a new generation of drummers that value a passionate performance just as much as perfect technique.  Many within the music community were introduced to Aric’s artistry with his electric performance in the 2012 Guitar Center Drum Off.  That solo has garnered over 20 million views across multiple YouTube channels and has inspired drummers throughout the world.  Rolling Stone and NME magazine also highlighted Aric’s project in which he backflipped from one drum kit to another, mid solo, the video of which recently helped Aric’s own YouTube channel cross the 1 million views mark. Aric has toured the world with Fever 333, Goldfinger and Night Verses. He is also the recent recipient of a Kerrang! Award and Heavy Music award with Fever 333 and was voted 2019’s number one rock drummer in the world by and Rhythm Magazine. When not focused on drumming, Aric is also an accomplished visual artist and video editor with a degree in film.  He recently designed a signature line of drum heads with Remo, which are covered in his illustrations and are now available world wide. He’s also collaborated with GoPro, Journey’s Shoes, Schecter Guitars, Purple Mattress and many others.

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