sarah rose hyland

Sarah Rose Hyland is an Artist.

She was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. 

She grew up creating and performing for my family. Bringing joy through art and making folks laugh is her jam.

Sarah studied at, School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). She also trained at Second City in Chicago, Improv Olympic and the Groundlings in Los Angeles, California.

Now, Sarah also performs stand up all over the country. She merges her comedy and art to create vibrant pieces to make her audience think and also to make them laugh.

Sarah Rose Hyland lives in Los Angeles, California. She creates artwork in all forms through painting, comedy, podcasting, writing, dancing, etc. All day everyday.
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loves first bloom - standard edition
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heart evangelista / love marie escudero


step out - 10 x 8 inch edition
melissa villaseñor


neon people - 18 x 33 inch - signed edition
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keep going - 10 x 8 inch edition
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brain maze - 10 x 8 inch edition
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hold on - limited edition print
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windows - 10 x 8 inch edition
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tiny dancer iii
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