moonlight arts collective celebrates our 2nd anniversary

Moonlight Arts Collective celebrated our second anniversary with a retrospective of artists. The musicians, writers, photographers, actors, and multidisciplinary creatives who have been with us since the beginning along with new moonlighters we've welcomed in the past year. 

From our co-founder and multidisciplinary artist Brandon Boyd to the Queen of Acid Rock Grace Slick to pioneer of the street art movement Dan Witz…Moonlight Arts Collective is excited to celebrate two years of bringing the deeper creative processes and stories of our culture makers to a wider audience. Our continually evolving community seeks to broaden the conversation around creativity and provide a collaborative and unique space for artists, makers, and moonlighters. 

tiny dancer - full set by brandon boyd x brian bowen smith x sarah hay

Moonlight's inaugural limited edition print release was a collaborative effort featuring hand-embellished painting by Brandon Boyd, photography from Brian Bowen Smith and ballet poses from dancer and actress Sarah Hay. The series, Tiny Dancer, includes a set of four different images capturing Hay in motion by Brian Bowen Smith, with gestural painting layered overtop in Boyd’s signature style. 

explore more work from brandon boyd x brian bowen smith x sarah hay

“I’ve known Brian Bowen Smith for almost 25 years and one of the things that he and I have always had in common is our love and appreciation for art and the creative process. Over the decades and amongst countless conversations he and I have mused about collaborating in some visual sense; combining Brian’s photography with my painting, to be sure. Sarah is the perfect subject for this initial foray into painting on photographs as she herself is art in motion.” Boyd said of the collaboration.

neon people - 9 x 16 inch - embossed edition by brandon boyd x heart evangelista

Neon People - Moonlight collaboration between Brandon Boyd and actor, model, and artist Love Marie Escudero (known in the Philippine entertainment industry as Heart Evangelista) was an opportunity for the two artists to come together and learn more about one another’s work, technique, and approach to art-making. The sought-after release remains a favorite among fans and limited quantities of the signed and limited edition print remain available ahead of their next collaborative release, coming soon to Moonlight

madonna adorned iii - limited edition print - 15 x 17.5 inches by brandon boyd x mama dolly

Attributing much of his musical and artistic ability to his family, Brandon rounded out a wheelhouse of collaborative endeavors with artists spanning multiple genres with a special release featuring the work of his mother, Dolly Wiseman. Often working as a dancer, actress, writer, and artist herself Mama Dolly is a self described creative person driven to make art in all its forms. 

Madonna Adorned was inspired by a painting of the pregnant Madonna the artist saw in her art history studies and painted as a self portrait while pregnant with her firstborn. Brandon recalled absorbing the creative atmosphere at home and being inspired by that upbringing to pursue his own artistic endeavors across the many mediums he regularly works within. 

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This March we not only celebrated our anniversary but our co-founder’s exhibition ‘Wandering Hands’ with Samuel Lynne Galleries and the release of his signed, limited edition print ‘Twice if I Like It’ in both 12 x 12 inch and 24 x 24 inch editions. The exhibition also gave us a sneak peek at the artist's upcoming release of 'Chaos in Gold ii'. Join Brandon Boyd's waitlist for updates on this exciting drop.

Each year we honor our artists and revisit themes around ambition, individual expression, beginnings, and renewals by inviting them to participate in our Lunar New Year collection in the month ahead of our anniversary. We kicked off our 2023 Lunar New Year collection by ringing in the year of the rabbit with work from Moonlighters Booboo Stewart, Bruno Penabranca, Mark Mothersbaugh, Brian Bowen Smith, and Shawn Hanna

the well - limited edition print - 14 x 11 inches by booboo stewart

solar gate - limited edition print - 17 x 17 inches by bruno penabranca

booji boy: page 33 year of the rabbit - original artwork - 44 x 64 inches by mark mothersbaugh

talia in spring - limited edition print - 12 x 13 inches by shawn hanna

This year we welcomed new moonlighter Mimi Yoon and celebrated the 2024 Lunar New Year - the year of the dragon with the aptly named print released in 11 x 13.75 inch editions and 25 x 31 inch editions. 

year of the dragon - 11 x 13.75 inch edition by mimi yoon

Lunar New Year is swiftly followed by Women’s History Month and the release of our International Women’s Day collection. Last year we welcomed limited edition prints and original artwork from female artists all over the world. Returning Moonlighters Heart Evangelista, Melissa Villasenor, Yuna, Jen Rosenstein and Sarah Rose Hyland released collection-specific work and we also welcomed work from Tiffany Cole, Natalie Krim, Carly Foulkes, Buckley, Diana Georgie, and Kathryn Brolin.

caterfly - original artwork - 18 x 24 inches by grace slick

cotton candy - original artwork - 16 x 20 inches by grace slick

This year we celebrated our anniversary in tandem with Women's History Month by shining a spotlight on these incredible artists and welcoming the release of six originals by architect of the counter-cultural revolution, Grace Slick. We teased an exciting new release from actress, writer, and artist Carly Chaikin set to drop later this month and we celebrated the work of our newest moonlighter - singer, songwriter, and artist Kimbra

light of the heart - limited edition print - 10 x 13 inch edition by kimbra

all seeing eye - original artwork - 5 x7 inches by kimbra

We'll round out Women's History Month and our second anniversary by welcoming three more multi-talented female artists to our collective. Multi-media artist Elena Stonaker explores the crossover between art and a wide spectrum of healing modalities and creation mythologies using textile installation, painting, sculpture, and design to create surreal worlds.

view elena stonaker's release here

jaguar florals - 16 x 20 inch edition by elena stonaker

Contemporary artist Charmaine Olivia's paintings explore her various styles with an emphasis on the female form while navigating dreamscapes and subconscious thoughts. 

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Emmy winner, muralist, painter, and Deputy Editor of Juxtapoz Magazine Kristin Farr's work is directed by color and influenced by folk art practices, color psychology, and magic.

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The work of these exciting new moonlighters will complete our 2024 Women's History Month collection and usher in the spring when we'll bring back another of our beloved collections, Art of Music. This collection celebrates our moonlighters who are also musicians. Collectors can expect exciting upcoming releases from Brandon Boyd, Micah Nelson, Jose Pasillas, Sam Farrar, The Family Acid, and new Moonlighters we can't wait to introduce. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we announce additional artists and be sure to join our insiders program where you'll gain access to early releases, exclusive products, members only discounts, and updates on all your favorites artists. Check out all the perks here.


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